University of East London (UEL)

Overview University of East London (UEL)

The University of East London is a leading academic institution in London, UK. It has three colleges.

  • College of Applied Health and Communities
  • College of Arts, Technology, and Innovation
  • College of Professional services

All of the above colleges are spread across three beautiful campuses;

  • Docklands Campus
  • Stratford Campus
  • University Square

Each campus has its own merits like sports clubs, dance studios, aerobics, etc. What makes the University of East London huge is that it administers over 90 societies and clubs. Also, two student labs.

What is the Docklands Campus of the University of London famous for?

Docklands Campus is huge with multiple amenities for students. Anyone who wishes to do other things in addition to academics will have a lot to do on the campus. This is so because it has.

  • Two indoor sports arenas
  • Excellent fitness centres
  • Aerobics and dance studios
  • Outdoor pitches
  • Sports therapy clinic
  • Football pitches
  • Basketball court
  • Outdoor gym
Docklend campus

For those of you who are interested in knowing the famous academic courses here’s a list:

  • Architecture
  • Art and design
  • Building Environment and Construction
  • Computing
  • Digital media
  • Engineering
  • Events, hospitality, and tourism
  • Fashion
  • Media and Journalism
  • Politics and International development
  • Sports

It has got the best connectivity and connects with Cyprus DLR, with tube services.

What is the Stratford Campus of the University of East London famous for?

The Stratford Campus is near the Olympic Park. It is the most preferred destination for international students as it has many tennis courts, hockey fields, swimming pools to keep students engaged even after study hours. It has got excellent connectivity through mainline train services.

The Stratford Campus of the University of East London is famous for the following courses:

  • Biological and medical sciences
  • Chemical and Drug Sciences
  • Counselling and Coaching
  • Healthcare
  • Psychology
  • Public Health
  • Social work and community
  • Teaching and Education
UEL Stratford Campus 1

What is The University of Square Stratford known for?

The University of Square Stratford Campus is situated near Stratford and is jointly owned by Birkbeck and the University of London. It is mainly into delivering full-time and part-time study for adults.

This campus is famous for the following courses

  • Accounting, Finance, and Economics
  • Business and Marketing
  • Criminology
  • Dance
  • Law
  • Music
  • Performing Arts and Drama
squre starford 1

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  1. 1
    Why should you prefer the University of East London?

    The University of East London helps the children to get employment. It has set up a centre for student success. The centre provides a strong support network for the growth and development of students.

    Apart from that, the University of East London has its employment hub. The employment hub helps students to get secure internships in big organizations, good placements, and work experiences after their graduation.

    Here are a few reasons for you to opt for University of East London Courses.

    • The University of East London is ranked among the world’s top young 200 universities
    • The University of East London ranks in London for the following subjects.
      • 1st in the UK for Psychology research
      • 2nd in London for Architecture
      • 3rd for Civil Engineering
    • The University of East London ranks 1st in terms of guiding Visa to international students and has a great acceptance ratio.
    • Only a few universities in London offer on-campus accommodation, the University of East London is among them.

  2. 2
    What Are The Different Courses Offered by The University of East London?

    The University of East London adopts a global perspective and has active partnerships with many nations and international organizations. The University of East London Courses offer specializations in the fields of;

    • Undergraduate courses
    • Postgraduate courses
    • Apprenticeship Research
    • Study abroad Programs

    What is peculiar about the University of East London Courses is that they cater to the different needs of the students. Ranging from arts, commerce, the science they also cover other areas like criminology, music, dance, and arts. This helps students to polish their skills in other areas too if they wish.

  3. 3
    Who Are The Famous Alumni of The University of East London?

    Over the years many people have obtained their degrees from the University of East London. The University of East London has almost 1 lakh alumni from 139 different countries of the world. Some of the notable personalities are;

    • Firoj Patel: Founder of the charity organization ‘Childreach International’
    • Tony Rochford: Director of programming at MTV, works with CBeebies
    • Adam Gemili: An athlete who has a record of running 100 meters in 10 seconds and is also a well-known drummer and singer in the famous British Rock Band, Queen
    • Rupa Asha Huq; A columnist, DJ, British Labour Party politician
    • Kemi Adeosun: Nigerian Finance Minister in 2015

  4. 4
    What Are the Rankings of the University of East London?

    Ranked By 2017 2021
    QS-World University Ranking 701-750 801-1000
    Times Higher Education  601-800 801-1000
    The Complete University Guide 126 116
    The Guardian 115 112

    Here’s a quick reference for you to view the rankings subject wise for the University of East London Courses:

    Courses ranked by ‘The Complete University Guide’

    #87 Accounting and Finance

    #111 Business & Management Studies(UK)

    #53 Civil Engineering

    #82 Computer Science

    #77 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    #64 Mechanical Engineering

    University of East London Course Rankings by ‘The Guardian’

    #120 Business Management and Marketing

    #76 Accounting and Finance

    #29 Mechanical Engineering

    #50 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

    # 49 Civil Engineering

    These rankings keep on changing based on various parameters but they can help you to figure out the basic idea about the university and its courses.

  5. 5
    What Is the Significance of Different Ranking Factors Used to Rank The University?

    There are different criteria for ranking the universities. Some of the main criteria that students use for judging a university are listed here.

    QS World University Rankings:

    They rank the universities based on six different criteria. Different criteria are allotted different weights and accordingly, the Universities are ranked.

    Parameters Weightage(%)
    Academic Reputation 40
    Employer Reputation 10
    Faculty/Student Ratio 20
    Citations per faculty 20
    International Faculty Ratio /International Student Ratio 10

    There is a reason why you should consider QS rankings while choosing a university. Many independent academic reviews find these results to be more than 99% reliable.

    Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking Parameters

    The Times Higher Education ranks the universities based on five factors which are further divided into sub-parts for better performance indication.

    The parameters used for judging are:

    1. Teaching
    • Reputation survey
    • Staff-to-student ratio
    • Doctorate-to-bachelor’s ratio
    • Doctorates-awarded-to-academic-staff ratio
    • Institutional income
    1. Research
    • Reputation survey
    • Research income
    • Research productivity
    1. Citations
    • Research influence
    1. International Outlook
    • The proportion of international students
    • The proportion of international staff
    • International collaboration
    1. Industry Income
    • Knowledge transfer

    Pay specific attention to the Times Higher education if you want to gain insights specifically into research, teaching, and impact.

  6. 6
    Complete University Guide Rankings – Parameters/Factors used to judge the University

    Complete University Guide Rankings are based on the following criteria.

    • Entry Standards
    • Student Satisfaction
    • Research Quality
    • Research Intensity
    • Graduate Prospects
    • Academic Services Spend
    • Amount spent on Facilities
    • Good Honours
    • Degree Completion
    • Student Staff Ratio

    The Guardian Ranking Indicators

    Just like the above two, Guardian ranking indicators also use different parameters to judge a university. It has assigned various weightage to it.

    Parameter Weightage assigned(%)
    Entry Standards 15
    Student Staff Ratio 15
    Expenditure per student 5
    Continuation 10
    Teaching Quality 10
    Feedback 10
    Overall Satisfaction 5
    Value-Added Services 15
    Career Prospects 15

    Guardian University Rankings guide you about the other aspects apart from teaching. So they are trusted by students, typically by international students. This is because you are new to that country and you wish to land in safe hands before you finalize the things.

    So depending on the course that you are opting for you should pay attention to the specific parameter and the ranking and accordingly shortlist the University because there is a remote possibility that all rankings will show the same figures.

  7. 7
    Is the University of East London Recognised?

    Officially recognized/chartered by the Privy Council, Privy Council, is a formal body of advisers to the sovereign of the United Kingdom. Wikipedia

  8. 8
    What are the entry requirements to get admissions to the University of East London?

    For most of the courses, you require to pass the language proficiency test of IELTS. Depending on the field opted by you the requirements differ. But most of the courses need an IELTS score of 6 and above.

    Only a few courses allow scores between 5.5 to 6. You need to check specific requirements with the university.

What are the different scholarships available to study at the University of East London?

The University of East London provides scholarships for different programs. We have covered in detail the different scholarships in our earlier article.

But there are deadlines when you want to apply for scholarships so you should visit the university website in advance or email the university authorities at international@uel.ac.uk for more information.

What is the Fee Structure of the University of East London?

You can obtain complete information about fees and funding options from the official website of the University of East London. Short duration courses of one year can cost you somewhere between 13 to 14 lakh.

Other courses which have a longer duration can have fees ranging from 12 lakh to 15 lakh depending on the course opted by you

What types of accommodation facilities does the University of East London provide?

The University of East London is among the few universities that offer on-site and off-site accommodation to students.

On-Campus Accommodation provided at Docklands Campus is also known as the Student Village. They are further divided into East Student Village and West Student Village.

There are special rooms available for students with disabilities. The off-site accommodation can also be availed by the students as per their wish. There are different types of rooms with different budgets.

For finding, off-campus accommodation, you can visit different sites and choose the best ones that match your needs.

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University of East London

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