University of West Scotland

University of West Scotland

The University of West Scotland dates back to 1897. It is a well-known university in Scotland for graduate, postgraduate, research-oriented, and short-term courses.

The university is spread across five vibrant and strategic locations. It offers graduate, postgraduate, part-time, and job-oriented courses.

Although it was established in 1897, the present institution relates to 2007. It was formed by the merger of the University of Paisley with Bell College, Hamilton. The university offers many industry-related courses so that your transition from learning to earning can be very smooth.

With cutting-edge technologies, excellent infrastructure, vibrant facilities for sports and research, the University of Scotland is a dream come true for many students.

Apart from that, the University of Scotland offers exchange programs for students. The University of Scotland is home to almost 3000 students from all over the world.

Most importantly, it has ‘The International Support Team’ that helps international students to adjust there. The support team helps in the matters relating to:

  • Immigration
  • Working while studying
  • Tips to stay in the UK
  • Liaising with academic staff for studies

University of West Scotland Rankings

Institution Name  University of the West of Scotland
Country United Kingdom
World Rank 1688
National Rank 88
Quality of Education Rank
Alumni Employment Rank 1461
Quality of Faculty Rank
Research Performance Rank 1614
Overall Score 66.9
Domain uws.ac.uk

Source: The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR)

The University of West Scotland is recognized by the Times Higher Education in the Top 600 Universities worldwide (According to 2020 World University Rankings)

The University of West Scotland is ranked among the top 130 universities and featured in the list of the 2021 Young University Rankings.

Apart from that in 2019, The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide ranked it among the top 100 universities in the UK.

The University of West Scotland Rankings as per the Complete University Guide, UK are as under:

Overall rank: 48%
Entry Standards: 64%
Student Satisfaction: 81%
Research Quality: 59%
Graduate Prospects: 70%

Apart from the above, subject wise, the University of West Scotland Rankings are considerably high in the following areas:

  • Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Education
  • Hospitality, Leisure
  • Recreation & Tourism
  • Physics & Astronomy

Branches of the University of West Scotland

The University of West Scotland is spread across a huge area with five beautiful and scenic campuses. Four of them are in Scotland and one is in London.

Campuses of The University of West Scotland

  • Ayr
  • Dumfries
  • Lancashire Campus
  • London Campus
  • Paisley

Let’s discuss them in detail

  1. 1
    Ayr Campus


    ayr campus uws 2Ayr campus was established in August 2011. It was developed further by a partnership between Scotland’s Rural College and Historic Scotland Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

    It has an excellent infrastructure with the library, sports, and accommodation facilities. Apart from that, the following stats about the Ayr campus are worth noting.

    • The campus is built using 81 million pounds
    • It has 2420 students
    • It has 4 academic schools
    • It is just 1 hour away from Glasgow
    • The town centre is just 10 minutes away from the campus
    • The accommodation provided by the university is within walking distance.

    Accommodation at Ayr Campus:

    Ayr campus provides stylish en-suite accommodation in a woodland setting that is very close to the main building. The proximity to the main campus reduces the cost of transport.

    Each flat has 4 to 5 en-suite rooms and is home to 200 students. Each flat has a shared lounge and a shared kitchen area.

    There are separate flats reserved for handicapped students.
    The price of the rooms is approximately 114 pounds per person, per week for a large en-suite bedroom, and 164 pounds per week for single occupancy in the case of studio flats. These prices include the cost of contents, insurance, and electricity.

    Facilities at Ayr Campus:

    gaietyAyr provides excellent restaurants and bars. Apart from fish and other non-vegetarian dishes, it has Indian restaurants and other restaurants that serve vegan food.

    Apart from that, there is Ayr Gaiety Theatre and Arts Centre. This centre puts on entertainment programs for music, comedy, dance, etc


    hamilton golf

    Apart from that, it offers facilities for golf, horse-riding, and cycling. Ayrshire has three Open Championship venues and offers five top golf courses in the UK.

  2. 2
    Dumfries Campus

    dumfries campus 4The University of West Scotland’s Dumfries Campus is located within the Crichton estate. Crichton estate is just 2 miles away from Dumfries town centre.

    It is the smallest campus among all the other campuses of the University of West Scotland, but offers all facilities for the library, sports and has well connectivity to the transport system.

    Transport Facilities

    Apart from the public transport, it has cycling routes, walking routes and also car-sharing facilities. There are different organizations that can help you with transport. For example, Sustrans is an organization that can help you with transport by cycle. Similarly, the UWS journey share scheme allows car-sharing facilities. If you are travelling by public transport then you can use the Traveline Scotland app to discover the nearest routes.

    For an international student, Glasgow International Airport (GLA) and Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) are at a distance of 1 hour from the Dumfries Campus.

    Top Attractions

    dumfries museum 1112x626 1Dumfries is an excellent campus for education and learning and apart from that, it has many attractions like museums, castles, theatres which can help you to keep yourself entertained and not to feel home-sickness.




    Education Facilities

    dumfries libraryDumfries Campus offers excellent facilities for the library, it has well-equipped classrooms, online resources for students, and almost 200 computer workstations.

    The best part is that due to the University’s Agreement with Microsoft, all students have unlimited access to the internet. That way they can stay connected with the world.

  3. 3
    Lanarkshire Campus


    uws lanarkshire htmlLanarkshire Campus was built with a huge sum of 110 million pounds. Located in the Hamilton International Technology Park, it tries to build a relationship between different industries, the university, and the students.

    The good thing about Lanarkshire Campus is that it is one of the UK’s greenest university campuses, powered by 100% renewable energy from Blantyre Muir Wind Farm.

    Collaborative Environment

    lanarkshire campus 27The infrastructure is built in such a way that it promotes collaboration among the students and helps them to learn by co-created learning methodology.
    It offers the most flexible learning environments. Students get a chance to collaborate with other peers, academicians, and related industry experts.

    So by the time they come to the university as graduates or postgraduates, they already have ‘established connections’ in the industry. This way they can get jobs easily.

    Apart from that, all the three campuses are connected via ‘The Street’ which is yet another place for students to collaborate.

    Nursing and Midwifery Laboratories

    lanarkshire campus 37For those in health sectors, Lanarkshire Campus is a boon. This is because it provides simulated clinical wards and birthing suites. Apart from that, the virtual reality suite provides students with a 360 degrees perspective of the health industry.

    Connected Workspaces

    lanarkshire campus 24The best part about Lanarkshire Campus is that is open 24*7 and all 365 days a year. Once you enrol you get access to Moodle so all university resources like CDs, DVDs, books, PPTs all can be accessed at your fingertips. This goes a long way to help you in the learning process because you can learn things at your own pace.

  4. 4
    London Campus


    campus gallery 6The London Campus has a cosmopolitan culture because there are many international students there. The London Campus is located at Docklands and offers airy teaching and learning spaces.

    Courses offered

    The London Campus offers various graduate and postgraduate courses. Apart from that, you can also learn English Speaking through the various courses available.

    Other Facilities

    Perfect ambience, excellent infrastructure, and perfect connectivity to other places are some of the things that make London Campus the most preferred campus among the students.

  5. 5
    Paisley Campus


    STC UWS location image 1Paisley is a beautiful place to study and for outings. It is the largest town in Scotland and a few miles away from Glasgow.

    After the industrial revolution, Paisley has come a long way from being a quiet town in Scotland to becoming an important centre for commerce and industry.


    Paisley offers many residencies for accommodation. These vary in rent according to the facilities opted by you. But they do have a common lounge and a kitchen area.

    The best part is that you can get furnished accommodations and if anything is needed then you can order it from the university partner- ‘UniKitOut’ and also avail 10% discount on the purchases.

    Transport Facilities

    transport uws 6Paisley had excellent connectivity. Paisley Gilmour Street and Canal Street are very near to the campus and within a walking distance. This goes a long way in saving the cost of transport.

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University of West Scotland Courses

The University of West Scotland Courses is career-oriented. The university offers courses for graduate, postgraduate, and research.

The peculiarity about these courses likes in the fact that 71% of the courses consist of work-based or work-related learning. This helps students to gain the knowledge required to work in a particular industry.

Undergraduate Courses


Fees for the undergraduate courses are program-specific and you need to check the application fee accordingly. Any course that you choose will have a practical approach so that you are ready for the job.

Course Finder

The University of West Scotland offers you choices based on different subjects, different campuses to choose and different study modes.

You can find detailed information on the university website.

Owing to COVID the university offers various modes of learning such as:

  • Online with face-to-face learning
  • Online with optional face-to-face learning
  • Fully Online

Not only this, you can decide whether you want to study full time, part-time or online.

Admissions and Applications

As a general rule, you need to clear the English language proficiency tests to get admissions. However, more information can be availed from the university’s website.

Graduate Apprenticeships

UWS has developed five Graduate Apprenticeships for September 2021. It helps to impart ‘practical training’ to the candidates who enrol for the undergraduate courses. The University of West Scotland Courses has apprenticeship training for the following areas:

  • BSc(Hons) IT
  • BSc(Hons) Engineering Design
  • BEng(Hons) Civil Engineering
  • BA (Hons) Business Management
  • BA Early Learning and Child Care

Through such programs, the student can get an idea about what prospective employers expect from them and they, in turn, get paid for the job.

Postgraduate Courses

University of West Scotland Courses have one thing in common and that is – all of them are job-oriented. The story isn’t different from postgraduate courses.

Why prefer the University of West Scotland for Postgraduate courses?

The University of West Scotland offers almost 80 different postgraduate courses which are industry-specific. Many of the lecturers in these courses are top industry experts.

So by the time you complete the course, you know what the industry expects from you. This helps you to deliver exactly what is required and tune in with the industry requirements.

You can find more information about the University of West Scotland Courses on the courses page of the university website.

Postgraduate entry requirements

For post-graduation courses, you need to have a graduation degree and have good proficiency in the English language.


The University of West Scotland has different fee structures for different postgraduate courses. Apart from that whether you are native, from a place belonging to the European Union, or an international student, also affects the fees. More information about the fee structure can be found on the university website’s course page.

The University offers an early bird discount offer, in case you pay the specified fee before time. Also, various scholarships can be availed to continue education smoothly.

How to apply?

The University of West Scotland is very transparent in terms of its operations. It has laid clear guidelines for international students to apply for postgraduate courses.

Applying for postgraduate courses is very simple. All you have to do is to make an online application.

Research Courses

The University of West Scotland offers many research courses. Apart from academic learning, it has a supportive learning and research community that can guide you whenever you need help. For more information, you can log in to the university website. 

Part-Time Study Courses

The only difference between full-time and part-time students is that the part-time students can complete the study modules at their own pace in the given term.

The University of West Scotland offers many short-term courses and part-time courses. 

CPD, Short Courses, and Modules

For anyone who has already done graduation, post-graduation, or research and wants to build skills, they can enrol for CPD and Short term courses. The University of West Scotland Courses is designed keeping in view the industry trends and the required skill sets.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The University of West Scotland makes strategic partnerships with different institutions/industries. These kinds of partnerships work both ways.

Firstly, the industry gets the knowledgeable workforce (the latest graduates from the University at a low cost)

Secondly, a candidate gets work exposure.

Thirdly, the University can build a strong portfolio. Because mostly when students get a chance to work and learn with industry, they learn about the intricacies involved in doing that job and finally get recruited in that industry itself.

As a university student, it enhances your technical, interpersonal skills and provides you with working experience in the real environment, not the simulated one.

KTP is a unique, challenging, and exciting step taken by the university in this regard. It is interesting to note that the University of West Scotland ranks #1 in Scotland and among the Top-5 in the UK for KTP portfolio size.

Life at the University of West Scotland

No matter which campus you choose, you will always feel homely. Various student unions can help you with any problems that you may be facing. There are nearby locations like Glasgow, Edinburgh which have facilities for entertainment, restaurants, pubs, dining halls, museums. This can help you to stay entertained.

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